Devon Rodriguez Talks Drawings Going Viral On TikTok & More!

Devon Rodriguez joined iHeartRadio's EJ for a virtual interview to talk about his drawings going viral on TikTok, working with Benny Blanco and more!

If you have been scrolling on TikTok and have seen videos of someone drawing portraits on the New York Subway, it's probably Devon!

He tells EJ he really wanted to try to capture people during the pandemic in his painting.

My paintings take so long, like they take me a month to do. So I wanted to try out the concept really fast. I thought let me try a subway sketch that wont take a month. I tried it and the first video I did had 7 million views. I've been drawing people on the subway since like 2011, so I'm happy to go viral but it's my passion.

Check out the full interview with Devon below!