You Can Now Stay At Hotel Rooms Inspired by Hallmark Christmas Movies

Photo: Getty Images/Johner RF

Love Hallmark holiday movies? Now you can spend the night at a hotel inspired by the beloved movies.

The Hallmark Channel and Club Wyndham are offering themed holiday suites in celebration of the network's "Countdown to Christmas" movie fest.

Guests can choose between New York City, Vail, Colorado, and Nashville, Tennessee.

The New York City location is a "Classic Hallmark Channel Christmas," a "Snowy Mountain Christmas" is in Vail, Colorado, and the "Country Christmas" is in Nashville, Tennessee.

Each suite was designed by the Hallmark Channel's set designers and include a variety of holiday themed decor and items including gingerbread house kits, snow projector, ornament crafting stations, etc.

More details below!

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