If You Order This Secret Drink At A Bar, It Could Save Your Life

Photo: Getty Images

Bartenders know how to make dozens of drinks, but there is one order in particular that is probably more important than any other. It's called an "angel shot" and customers are supposed to ask for it when they feel unsafe and need help.

Awareness about the secret phrase has been spreading on TikTok, with some bartenders even describing ways to order it that can help the drink makers understand the severity of the situation. Asking for the shot with lime means there is a problem so serious that the police should be called, while ordering it neat means you need security or an escort to walk you to your car. Finally, ordering it on the rocks or with ice means the bartender should call a car for you.

With more bar and restaurant owners learning about the drink, more are putting signs in their bathrooms to let customers know when to order the "angel shot." Of course, there are probably bartenders out there who still aren't aware of it. If you encounter one of them when ordering an "angel shot," it's best to suggest they look it up on their phone.

Of course, with so much publicity around the drink now, it might become less effective since when one is ordered, the person who is making someone feel unsafe could know what is going on.

Nonetheless, many people are happy to see the concept spreading, with one bartender commenting, "Bartended for years. Glad this is out there. I've had to stop and remove people for putting powders in girls' drinks," and another person writing, "An angel shot with lime actually did save my life. Thank you for posting this!"

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