FULL SHOW: The Day We Exposed Our Unpopular Opinions

Mr. Michael Oppenheimer 11

We can't stand him and we love it, Mr. Michael Oppenheimer is back to push some sales buttons!

The Backstory: Cannibalism on the wild frontier

The Netflix hit film Society of the Snow is the true story of South American athletes trapped in the snowy mountains after a plane crash…with some surviving by eating their dead teammates. Now we look at the Donner party of pioneers in 1846, trapped in 22 feet of snow in the Sierra Nevada mountains…and the even more gruesome way some of them survived. 

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FULL SHOW: The Day a Caller Exposed Their Fiancé

A caller tells us they found the love of their life, their fiancé, on a dating app... OOP! What would you do in this situation? Also we play a hip-hop lyric game - can you guess them all? We also ask what secrets you can tell us, what is broken and you refuse to fix it, and do aliens really exist? Yep, just a normal Thursday at Elvis Duran and the Morning Show! 

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The Tow Truck Nightmare

Adam has a car with an expired inspection ticket so his girlfriend thought Danielle should call as the person towing his car!

FULL SHOW: The Day We Spilled the Tea on Our Secret Side Jobs

Did you get busted for having a secret side job? Are you quiet quitting and secretly holding it down at another place of employment? Let's discuss. Also, we talk about people who mutilated dolls as kids... where are they now? Danielle also accidentally shoplifted and we tell dad jokes.

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The Porta Potty is Not Available

Susan is so excited about her son's wedding, and she handled a lot of the booking. So her son Richie thought it might be funny to call from the porta potty rental company with a little booking issue.

FULL SHOW: The Day Skeery Worked Out

Skeery is finally working out! We have Elvis' trainer come in to help him get swole. Plus, what drive you insane and what drives you anxious? Two very different topics but both very much worth discussing. We also talk about things that we think people pretend to like and we want to know what weird secrets does your company have?

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Wilson Calling About Your Pool Table

Wilson is the neighbor nobody wants, including Sue whom he calls about her pool table, that apparently breaks noise code!

The Backstory: From slave to congressman

This is the remarkable story of Robert Smalls. In 1862, he was a young slave who managed to commandeer a rebel warship in Charleston, South Carolina’s heavily fortified harbor, turn it over to the North and go on to have a spectacular business and political career.  

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