Airlines Might Start Weighing People Before Flights Because We Are Too Fat

Look it's already scary enough when all your friends want to go to Vegas for the weekend and we just got out of a pandemic and I'm still carrying that pandemic weight. Like I didn't want to pack on these pounds but the gyms were closed and I like being lazy. So you can imagine how triggered I was when I saw this little tweet...

Excuse me WHAT???

Airlines may start WEIGHING people at the gate amid fears aircraft are being overloaded by fat passengers

  • Passengers could be weighed before they get on jets because Americans are getting fatter and the FAA is concerned aircraft may be overloaded 
  • Airline carriers are tasked with calculating the weight and balance of their aircraft to ensure its within allowable limits for the safety of the plane 
  • The FAA sent out a circular two years ago, which addressed weight and balance 
  • Airlines use a standard average weight estimate for passengers, but the rising obesity rates in the United States are dictating a review of those estimates
  • Surveys of weight by airlines could take place every three years or 36 months
  • They could take place at the gate and would involve at least 15 percent of daily departure passengers, who would be selected at random for the surveys
  • Information would be kept confidential and out of view of the public
  • Passengers would also have the ability to opt-out of being weighed 

That's a quick rundown of the article. Which I get it okay there is a weight limit to fly. But you can't tell me that having a bag a couple pounds over 50lbs or humans being a little fat is a problem WHEN THIS PIC EXISTS!!!

Here's an explanation of that pic...

So you can't just go around weighing people right after a pandemic when there's planes that are out here carrying space ships okay???? ARGUMENT OVER!