7 Reasons Why Mosquitos Keep Biting You

Thanks to the good folks at BuzzFeed for this one...7 reasons why you get bitten by mosquitos more than everyone else:

(1) The Amount Of Carbon Monoxide You Produce - Which means people with a larger body mass and pregnant women.


(2) Higher Blood Temperature - So again, heavier people and moms-to-be, also people currently exercising.


(3) Blood Type - There was a SMALL ( and we mean SMALL) study that proposed Type O is more susceptible to mosquito bites than Type A.


(4) Pheromones - Which directly affects the above; that's how the mosquitos know which blood type you are.


(5) Your Unique Composition Of Microbes - Because we're just walking masses of germs, tbh. LOL! But apparently certain compositions of microbes are more attractive to the little buggers.


(6) Exercise - More fitness, means more lactic acid production, means MORE MOSQUITOS! Yaaaaaay. *Side eye*


(7) Beer Consumption - No one knows why, but apparently just one bottle of beer is enough to make mosquitos want to suck on you more than your sober buddies. LOL.

Michelle Fay

Michelle Fay

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