LIFESTYLE: 6 Signs You're Working The Right Job

According to the people over at GlassDoor, here's 6 signs that you're in the perfect job for you.

1) You're Learning - 
It turns out studies prove that continuous learning is an important aspect to employees and most tend to leave or re-evaluate their role when they've stopped developing skills and knowledge.

2) Work/Personal Life Balance - 
Burnout is no joke, so if you're easily maneuvering between career and personal, keep it up!  This will help your longevity as well.

3) No Lagging - 
We all get a little sad when Sunday rolls around, but if you're just, plain depressed, maybe it's time to re-evaluate!

4) Good Relationship With Co-Workers -
When you do the math, you'll spend an enormous amount of hours around your colleagues; so, if they're a group of people who you mostly enjoy and challenge you, you're good.

5) Opportunities For Growth -
No one wants to be stuck or stagnant. If your job cultivates talent and advocates career advancement, keep it!

6) Awesome Boss -
Supervisors make or break your outlook on work, so if your boss is one that's a pleasure to work for, things are looking up!

Michelle Fay

Michelle Fay

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