This Girl Scout Cookie Remix of Cardi B's "Money" is Adorable! [VIDEO]

We've all been there.... trying to avoid buying those amazing Samoas or Thin Mints (which are better refrigerated - just sayin)! Girl Scout cookies are delicious and there is NO WAY that you can only have one once you've opened the package.

Whether you've avoided the Girl Scout's while walking into the supermarket or told your co-worker you couldn't buy any cookies for their daughter's troupe.... I've been there! But when you buy Girl Scout cookies, the organization states that you're not just helping the local community but also helping to build "the next generation of female entrepreneurs". How amazing is that!

I love this little girls way to get some cookies sold - I just have to find my credit card now LOL

&&& Cardi B herself loved it just as much as we did!!!!

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