Florida Democrats Blast Republicans For Voting Against Biden's Legislation

Members Of The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Speak After Meeting With President Biden

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Florida Democrats take aim at their Republican counterparts.

Central Florida Congressman Darren Soto says not one Florida Republican in either chamber voted for the president's package that is aimed at combatting climate change and lowering healthcare costs.

"Here we have now one of the most impactful bills of a generation and Democrats were forced to do it through reconciliation because the Republicans tried to block it every step of the way."

Boca Raton State Rep. Kelly Skidmore also spoke at Thursday's virtual press conference that was organized by the Florida Democratic Party. She says the "Inflation Reduction Act" will lower prescription drug costs, among other things.

"These are all things that the American people expect our Congress to do, have been waiting for our Congress to do. Unfortunately we've had to do it without the help of the Republicans."

The lawmakers say the legislation allows Medicare to negotiate drug prices.

They blasted Florida's elected Republicans for voting against the bill, saying the lawmakers caved to "special interests" and their "party bosses."

There was also a South Florida doctor on the call. Dr. Casey Mohrien said "When we vote this midterm, I think we should remember who was standing with us at this moment and who has continued to side with big corporations and the wealthy.

Both Rubio and Scott say the legislation would actually do the opposite of its name.

Rubio said that there "are things we can and should do to reduce drug prices, but dictating those prices from on high is not one of them."

He says much of what Americans gain through the legislation will be "paid for in lives lost to diseases like cancer, and in geopolitical strength."

Republicans have also blasted the "Inflation Reduction Act" for what they call the "weaponization" of the IRS, by allowing the agency to hire 87,000 new agents. They say those agents will be targeting the middle class, while the White House claims nobody earning under $400,000 would be at greater audit risk.

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