These Phrases Really Got Added To The Dictionary?

They do it every year, talking about Merriam-Webster dictionary adding new words but some of these got me scratching my head like...


Before I get into those I was shocked that "ride shot gun" was just got added!


Here are my favorite adds this year!

Binge-Watch - because we all do it with Stranger Things, Black Mirror, DareDevil, House Of Cards, Orange Is the New Black.. ok let me stop


FLOTUS - This one is obviously a must after having the most lit FLOTUS ever! 


Ghost - What you do to that guy you regret giving your number to at the bar the other night


Weak Sauce - Wait, are we frat boys now? (it means something lame or unimpressive just incase you're wondering still)


Face Palm - What you do every time your waiter says "enjoy your food" and you reply with "you too"


Side Eye - What you do when Wendy in accounting is sucking up to the boss for the promotion you know you deserve but not really because you don't actually do any work you just pretend (wow that was oddly specific... I hope Wendy doesn't read this)


My all time favorite though!

Throw Shade - Your coworkers do it, your family does it, artists do it to each other... Hell, even our President does it!

Throwing shade is petty af but we couldn't go a day without it!

Congrats "shade" for joining all these other marvelous phrases in the dictionary (that was low key shade btw)


My only question is if these are all in the dictionary now does that mean I can use them in legit essays at school????

Frankie P

Frankie P

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