The Real Reason You're Still Single

What are things you look at on a first date? Their hair possibly?


Maybe you take a whiff to make sure they shower and use deodorant


Ok, hopefully you don't look that obvious doing it but according to a new study the one thing that millennials look at most when they first get to know someone romantically is whether or not they have a cracked phone! 


If you're thinking, "wow that's really petty and shallow" there's actually a legit reason for it!

The study says singles don't like people with broken, cracked, or even old phones because it leads them to believe that person is cheap and/or careless 


That actually makes sense. So maybe it's not as shallow as we once thought. Although their hatred/turn off of green text bubbles might be a little much.... Then again who isn't annoyed by those (this is where non iphone users start going on about how much better their phones are)

Frankie P

Frankie P

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