Things Harder To Purchase Than A Gun

Saw an article from Rolling Stone so I had to share after the tragic event that took place at Stoneman Douglas last week. Just for reference, purchasing a weapon especially a rifle like the AR-15 is very simple. As a gun owner myself I've gone through this process and I can tell you it takes less time to buy a gun than it does to buy a car. From my experience it took all of 25 mins and that was including the background check. I did have to wait for the 3 day cool down period since it was a handgun but if it had been a rifle I could have walked right out of the store after signing the paper work...

So here are the things harder to obtain than a gun:

1) Sudafed (cold medicine)

- People were apparently making meth and things like lean or sizzurp so now you have to be at least 18 to purchase and you can only get a certain amount at a time. I legit got carded for Ny'quil the other day at CVS...


2) Driver's License

- Not only do you have to spend half your day at the DMV waiting in line but you have to provide a birth cirtificate or passport, social security card, and TWO proofs of address. Not to mention you have to pass a driving test, written test, log 50 hours behind the wheel, and take a four hour Traffic law and substance abuse course. 


3) Solar Panels

- We're called the sunshine state yet only a few thousand people have solar panels. Why? Well you're legally not allowed to finance your solar panels. You have to pay all costs upfront and that can equal a couple thousand dollars. Btw you can finance an AR-15 no problem. 

4) An Exotic Pet

- It's all broken up into classes of animals but basically to own something like a komodo dragon you need to be able to demonstrate that you have at least one year and no fewer than 1,000 hours of experience "in the care, feeding, handling and husbandry of the species" for which you are trying to obtain a permit. You'll need proof too in the form of a written description, complete with dates and locations, of that experience. And that's not all: You'll also need two personal references as well as previous permits and employment records. 


5) Marriage license

- I was recently a best man at my best friend's wedding and honestly didn't realize how much work a wedding. I mean setting up the whole event is already stressful but getting your marriage license is just as time consuming. First off there is no such thing as getting married right this second if you wanted to like in Vegas. There's a waiting period of 3 days before the marriage is valid. Also they encourage you to take a four hour marriage course. And if you're under the age of 18 you must have written consent from parents of both the bride and groom.


6) An Abortion

- Whether you're pro choice or pro life we live in a state where it is legal to get an abortion but there are many steps that have to be taken. First you have to get an ultrasound at which point the doctor is obligated to ask if you want to see it. Second, you must seek counseling and in some place have to get a note from a doctor saying you are mentally stable enough to make this decision and you understand what you are doing. Sometimes you even have to watch a video from what I hear but don't quote me on it. Lastly, you have to wait 24 hours before it can be done. 

7) Pilots License

- I added this one from personal experience because I was at one time in the process of getting mine. To sum it up there are 3 licenses you have to get before you can be paid to fly planes. First one is your privates pilots license which requires at least 40 logged hours of flight time which enables you to take a rigorous exam with the FAA. Once you pass that you're allowed to fly those small prop planes but you cannot take money for flying. Second is your instrument rating which essentially means you can fly the plane using just the instruments in the plane. Basically what you would rely on in bad weather when you can't visually fly a plane. That takes even more hours and more testing. Finally, you get to your commercial pilots license which once obtained allows you to fly planes and get paid for it however like the other two that takes substantial time in a plane with an instructor as well as more examination. 


Other things that deserve honorable mentions on this list:

- health insurance

- kinder surprise eggs

- a ice cream at mcdonals ( you know because the machine is always broken)

- Hamilton tickets

- Having the cable guy show up 

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