Mexican Fans Show How Grateful They Are Of South Korea

Mexico barely makes it into the Round of 16 thanks to South Korea in the Fifa World Cup!

What a rollercoaster of emotions for Mexico and their fans today literally crying and then celebrating all in a matter of 5 mins πŸ˜‚

While basically securing that loss against Sweden 0-3 Mexican fans started losing hope in making it any further in the World Cup until they remembered that if Germany lost against South Korea they would still move on! Quickly you saw fans checking their phones to see the score and just as their game was wrapping up you could hear a collective cheer as they heard that South Korea had just scored a goal against Germany!

South Korea went on to score a total of two goals eliminating the previous world champs and securing Mexico's spot in the Round of 16 which if course caused all kinds of choas on social media as well as in places around the world where Mexicans began parading around any Korean fans they could find nearby. 

And for those of us not in Russia we made sure to show our support on social media πŸ˜‚

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