Girl Attempts Bird Box Challenge While Driving....

Recently one of the dumbest trends has taken off, the "Bird Box" Challenge, where you blindfold yourself and see if you do basic everyday things. Of course some people take it way too far like this teenage girl in Utah who attempted to do the bird box challenge while driving . . . needles to say she got into an accident.

Just weeks after Netflix tweeted out asking people not to do the Bird Box challenge a slew of people continued to do more and more difficult things while blindfolded to one up the other bird box challenges out there (I think I saw a video of some people wrestling wild alligators while blind folded). This one has to be the dumbest and most dangerous one I've come across.

A girl in Utah decided to drive blindfolded and inevitably crashed into another car.

Are you honestly surprised though?

I see people driving on the Palmetto with both eyes open and still crashing into things so this just looks like a death sentence. 


Incase you need a reminder of Netflix warning people not to do the Bird Box Challenge 🙈

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