Ariana Grande Sued For "God Is A Woman" Video

According to TMZ, Vladimir Kushis is suing Ariana over the imagery in the music vid which was released in 2018.

The singer dances in silhouette inside a candle flame and Ariana is the wick.

The artist Vladimir says nearly 20 years earlier he made 2 paintings called "The Candle" and "The Candle 2" ... which both featured a woman as the wick with raised arms against a partially cloudy sky.

According to the suit, the similarity is uncanny ... and a rip-off. Vladimir says Ariana's video features the same cloudy sky, ring effect of clouds around the flame and the same light beams radiating from the flame.

Vladimir is suing Ariana and Freenjoy for copyright infringement, and wants an injunction to remove her music vid from the Internet.

Photo from TMZ

Photo from TMZ

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