Netflix Changed the Ending of "The Notebook" in the UK, People Are Pissed

Over the weekend The Notebook was added to Netflix in the UK and people noticed it had a different ending than the original movie and now people are really angry about it.

I'll be honest, chick flicks are not my thing but I totally got suckered into watching this one by an ex girlfriend and I think deep down I kind of liked it. Anyway one of the best AND worst things about "The Notebook" is that the twist at the end where you learn he was telling the story of their life the whole time and then they pass away together of old age (goals af.) But if you watch the movie on Netflix in the UK, you get cheated out of . . . or spared from . . . that heartbreak.

For unknown reasons, Netflix UK changed the ending so that instead of seeing them die in that hospital bed, you just see a flock of birds fly over a lake. LAAAAAMMMEEEE!

Obviously, some Brits (actually alot) aren't happy about it. One woman even Tweeted, quote, "Why did Netflix change the ending of'The Notebook'? The best part of watching it is having your heart break at the end."


Here's a conspiracy theory I have though based on a tweet about it. What if this was the original ending in the UK or at least the one that has been seen by most so that's why Netflix gave them that one?

Frankie P

Frankie P

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