This Uber Driver's "Menu" Gives You Different Ride Options

An Uber driver in Seattle is going viral after he started offering a "ride menu," with five options which include telling funny stories, being totally silent, acting like your therapist, being rude af, or being really CREEPY by staring at you in the rearview mirror as he drives.

You ever get in an Uber and your not in the mood to socialize but your driver wants to share his life story with you and ask you a million questions? (wow that sounded really antisocial)

Well, a 38-year-old Uber driver in Seattle by the name of George Ure started giving his passengers some options by handing out "Ride Type Menus" when they get in his car.

This dude is seriously living in the year 3021 because this is brilliant!

Think about being able to pick from five different types of rides; The first one is called "Stand-Up," where he'll tell jokes and funny stories about his poor life choices . . . including his time in jail. 

Than there's the "Silent Ride," where he won't bother you at all . . .

There's also the "Therapy Ride," where you get to vent and share feelings.

Now the other two options on the menu are most likely supposed to be jokes. But I guarantee he'll have people who request them anyway... There's the "Creepy Ride," where he doesn't say anything, but keeps staring at you in his rearview mirror. And the other one is "The Rude Ride," where he just tries to be as rude as possible. 

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