Exercise Can Make You Gain Weight? Yes, Here's Why!

A study found exercise can actually make you gain weight if you're not careful, because we treat ourselves by eating more after a workout.

Here's your newest excuse for not working out: A new study found exercise can actually make some people GAIN weight. And no, it's not from packing on more muscle . . .

A team of researchers in England monitored40people after they started working out three days a week. And the average person ate more after a workout . . . because they felt like they DESERVED it.


The average person upped their portion size by24% after a workout, or about150calories. And not all of them burned that many calories in their workout. So in the end, they actually gained a little weight.

But with that said, they also exercised and got their heart rate going. So obviously it's still good to exercise. Just be careful about rewarding yourself too much.

Frankie P

Frankie P

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