HBO Is Giving Away Giant Cardboard Boxes So That You Can Stream TV in Peace

HBO is giving away gigantic cardboard boxes so you can stream in privacy even when you're not in a private place.

Have you ever been trying to binge-watch something, but you're distracted by what's happening around you?

If you have roommates, you know the feeling. Or maybe you're a parent with bundles of joy who will not leave them alone for a few minutes.

Well, HBO has your back. They're giving college students giant cardboard boxes that you basically sit or lay inside, so that you can stream in peace. 

The "HBO Box" is black, and it has holes so that you can breathe, plus a shelf that apparently holds your streaming device. Also note the hole for you charger to slip through.

At first you're like "this is stupid af" but then you watch this commercial and suddenly you've changed your mind. 

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