Starbucks Is Officially Abandoning Straws And Using Sippy Cups Instead

Starbucks is keeping its promise and phasing out plastic straws in favor of sippy cup lids to reduce the use of plastic.

The first made the announcement about straws back in 2018.

The promise was to phase out those plastic straws that kill turtles from all stores by 2020.

They planned to transition to sippy cup lids instead.

So starting at the end of the month company-operated and licensed Starbucks stores in the U.S. and Canada will switch over.

The new sippy cup lids contain about 9% less plastic that the previous white flat lids and straws combined and are more recyclable.

Straw-free alternatives won't be used for all drinks.

Blended beverages, including Frappuccinos, and other drinks with whipped cream will still come with dome type lid and a straw unless the store is in an area where straws are prohibited by law of course.

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