Samuel L. Jackson Offering "Swearing Lessons" If You Register to Vote

Samuel L. Jackson is offering swearing lessons in 15 different languages. 

It's clear that regardless who you choose to vote for it is crucial to vote in this year's presidential election. So if you need some motivation to get registered Samuel L. Jackson is offering his services.

What is he offering? Well he is well-known for holding the record for the most swear words in a film with 301 words in one movie so he's teaching you how to be a swear master like him but in multiple languages.

The only thing you need to be do is be one of the 2500 people registered to vote at his website. 

As of late Tuesday night, after making the announcement on Monday, he surpassed his goal of people registering to vote so he released his video on how to swear in 15 languages.

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