Do Couples Start to Look Alike Over Time?

A new study debunked an old theory that couples start to look more alike over time but it did find couples look alike at a certain point in the relationship.

There's a theory from a study in 1987 that found couples started to look similar because they mostly ate the same diet, kept the same lifestyle, spent the same time outdoors, and laughed the same amount.

Turns out that isn't really true according to a new study out of Stanford University.

These researchers ran a larger study and couldn't find any evidence that couples start to look more alike over time.

BUT . . . they found couples DO look alike from the beginning.


Well they found the average couple looks more similar than a pair of two random people on the street and according to their theory it's because we're naturally drawn to people who have similar facial features.

 In other words... we're all super into ourselves