Turns Out There Was No Coronavirus Baby Boom.. Actually It Was A Bust

Initial stats of births in 2020 are showing there was no baby boom but actually the opposite, a baby bust.

Around the first few months of the pandemic, we all figured couples being home together so much was going to result in a baby boom.

And although you may have noticed a few people around you announcing their "corona babies" it actually didn't increase the number of births in 2020.

According to NBC LX, Several states that keep track of births in near-real-time – as well as some hospital systems contacted by NBCLX – recorded significant drops in Dec. 2020 birthrates, compared to the same period from one year earlier. That includes Florida (down 8% from Dec. 2019); Ohio (down 7%); and Arizona (down 5%). 

Many couples also purposely avoided getting pregnant because they didn't feel confident in the future which also cut down on the number of births in 2020.