The Most Right-Swiped Names On Tinder

Tinder has a list of the top 10 women's names that men have said they are the most likely to swipe right on, and vice versa.

The pandemic is sorta coming to an end, sHot boy and sHot girl summer is about to start, and single people are emerging from hibernation.

Lucky for people with these names, they'll be more likely to get swiped right on Tinder.

The Top 10 Women's Names Most Likely To Get Men To Swipe Right On Tinder

1. Hannah

2. Emma

3. Lauren

4. Julia

5. Emily

6. Rachel

7. Samantha

8. Katie

9. Anna

10. Sara

The Top 10 Men's Names Most Likely To Get Women To Swipe Right On Tinder

1. Lucas

2. Ryan

3. Matthew

4. Nick

5. Josh

6. Brandon

7. Justin

8. Ben

9. Adam

10. Andrew

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