Bride Slammed For Her 'Ridiculous' List of 11 Strict RULES For Guests

A bride-to-be has been called 'rude' for treating her wedding guests like 'inmates' after she created a list of 11 strict rules to send out with her invitations.

The 'bridezilla' shared her wedding rules on social media, which included 'no phones', 'pace yourself when drinking', don't 'smuggle' your own alcohol into the event, 'no nit-picking', and 'no rushing anyone'.

She initially posted her list in a Facebook group asking strangers whether she had forgotten any other rules - but many were divided over her demands even calling her rude.

The bride responded, saying: 'How is it rude? My fiancé's mother needs rules because she is that type of controlling and narcissistic person.'

Others pointed out the bride seemed to have a particular issue with her mother-in-law - and suggested she should have a 'private conversation' with her but apparently the mother-in-law isn't someone you can just talk to....