TikTok’s “Dry Scooping” Preworkout Trend May Be Bad For Your Heart

"Dry scooping” is a trend on TikTok that has people swallowing a scoop of dry, caffeinated pre-workout supplement without diluting it in water first and experts are saying it's causing serious medical problems.

TikTok university has taught us so many tips and life hacks but sometimes we forget that not everything we see is true, useful, or even safe.

This new trend of "dry scooping" preworkout has been found to be dangerous for a bunch of reasons.

First off people are straight up choking because it's just not safe to try swallowing any kind of dry powder.

Second, it could be really dangerous for your heart! CardiologistDr. Satjit Bhusriwarns that with dry scooping, the supplement enters the bloodstream faster than in drink form, which means all that caffeine is hitting you more quickly, putting “the heart in overdrive.” He explains that this could cause high blood pressure, or lead to more serious issues including a stroke or heart attack.

He also went on to say there are actually no benefits to Dry Scooping....