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Man Claims He Received Covid Vaccine 11 Times

Vaccination healthcare concept. Hands of doctor or nurse in medical gloves injecting a shot of vaccine to a man patient

Photo: Getty Images

According to BBC, an Indian man claims that he received 11 doses of the Covid vaccine.

85-year-old Brahmdeo Mandal said that the vaccines were helping get rid of aches and pains in his back and waist so kept going back.

He also added that he had not suffered any adverse effects from all the extra shots.

Mandal was finally stopped from taking what he claimed was his 12th jab at a camp last week.

According to the report, a probe is underway to find out how he managed to get so many without anyone noticing or stopping him.

Early investigations found that he managed to take “two jabs in a half-hour gap” on the same day and each one was “registered on the portal”.

Mandal, who kept detailed handwritten notes of the dates, timings, and camps, claims he received 11 doses between February and December last year.

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