Hot Mic Catches Dr Fauci Calling Senator A Moron

Top Health Officials Testify Before Senate Hearing

Photo: Getty Images

A hot mic caught Dr. Fauci calling Senator Roger Marshall a "moron" during a Senate hearing.

Regardless of your thoughts on politics at the moment, catching people saying stuff on hot mics is awesome and oftentimes hilarious. Although can be pretty embarrassing for some.

In this case, following a heated exchange during a Senate hearing, Dr. Fauci can be heard saying "what a moron... Jesus christ" in regards to Senator Roger Marshall's false accusations that Fauci was somehow profiting from the pandemic and silencing doctors who opposed him.

Who knew CSPAN was worth watching these days 🤷🏻‍♂️

Of course, the internet now is having a field day after watching the video.

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