Lil Nas X Spills He Is ‘Somewhat’ Taken

Who says the “Old Town Road” doesn’t get a little lonely? On the latest episode of the Ellen Show, following a discussion about the rapper’s recent decision to publicly come out, Lil Nas X gave us a juicy clue regarding his relationship status.


Lil Nas X first addressed why he wanted to bring his sexuality to the public eye. He further explained his choice was based on the importance of future generations who may be going through a similar situation “to know it’s alright”.

After clarifying, when Ellen followed up with a question if the 20-year-old was in a relationship, his response was simply “Somewhat”- way to leave us all hanging!

Clearly, he is neither confirming nor denying a single or taken status, but after multiple celebrities’ public comments and screen grabs of Instagram DM’s “trying to get to know him better”, the possibilities are endless.


Photo Credit: Getty Images


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