The Latest Contender: KFC Unveils A Fried Chicken Doughnut Sandwich

Photo Credit: KFC

Talk about a feel good meal! Kentucky Fried Chicken is currently testing out a new savory and sweet menu item perfect for a hearty late night or early morning craving. The new addition is called the KFC doughnut sandwich, but it is more like a southern meal! The sandwich is a take on chicken and waffles, so it is bound to be a tasty combination.


Although summer is coming to an end, if you’re trying to watch your Miami figure, you may want to stay far away from this fast food longing. Four KFC tenders are *516 calories, and with two glazed doughnuts, one sandwich would be a whopping *1,016 calorie total; almost the amount of a recommended daily serving. That would do some major damage on those hard earned beach bodies, but luckily for South Florida it’s only being tested at selected KFC locations in Virginia and Pennsylvania. Phew! Although, if you do get the chance to try it one bite won’t hurt.


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