J Balvin Is Giving Us Spongebob Vibras

“Mi Gente” singer J Balvin posted an Instagram video teasing a SpongeBob SquarePants and Luis De Guzman collaboration that left fans asking “¿Qué?”. All the Columbian star gave us was a short clip with the SpongeBob theme song ending with the names J Balvin, SpongeBob SquarePants and Luis De Guzman.


Since the teaser, it has just been confirmed the new partnership is in honor of the Nickelodeon cartoon’s 20th anniversary. From bold fashion choices to hair color changes, Balvin is not afraid to make a playful statement, nor is he a novice to the fashion world.


The SpongeBob SquarePants Instagram account also posted a photo that seems to be an image by artist and designer De Guzman.


Photo Credit: Getty Images


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