Adam Levine Causes Controversy With A New Blonde 'Corn Hawk'

Maroon 5’s lead, Adam Levine stunned fans with a daring new hairstyle on Instagram this week and the internet was out on the bold switch up. The singer’s look became trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons, and celebrities such as “Orange Is the New Black” actress Laverne Cox and more chimed in to express their dissent. By the comments, Maroon admirers seemed to be split on whether the color, actual style or given name was worse. Levine titled the hairstyle “corn hawk”.

Photo Credit: Instagram

I think we could all agree a mohawk is a flashy touch for the Rockstar, and even blonde suits Levine well, but after suffering through the “man bun” phase, hopefully the “corn hawk” isn’t next in line.


Some criticized calling out the “Memories” vocalist as going through a mid-life crisis on a lighter note, and the other disapproving arguments were regarding appropriation.


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