Miami’s Uncle Luke Calls Out NFL For J.Lo & Shakira Superbowl Halftime Show

Fans immediately became suspicious when Jennifer Lopez couldn’t confirm, nor deny she would be performing at the Superbowl LIV Halftime Show anytime the question was brought up during appearances and interviews. Just days ago, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira were announced as headliners for the Superbowl LIV Halftime Show taking place in Miami, and although the world was supportive of the Latina-female duo and all their performance would represent, locals were underwhelmed a Miami-based performer was not selected to represent the city.

Miami hip-hop pioneer, Uncle Luke, was amongst the audience who felt the essence of the entertainment mecca wasn’t captured with the NFL’s decision.


Uncle Luke even took to social media to call out Jay Z, who has just recently joined the NFL in a partnership to help produce the league’s entertainment and social activism campaign, and express his dissent.

The video caption states “I have a serious problem with the @NFL and the people they pick to perform at the Super Bowl. The @NFL has totally disrespected the African American along with Miami entertainment community. Jay-Z this your first job”.


Luke stated that by selecting J.Lo (originally from New York) and Shakira, (who hails from the country of Colombia) as Superbowl LIV Halftime Show performers, the NFL has overlooked "African-American entertainment in Miami".


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