Dancing With The Stars Judge Snaps At Ally Brooke For Giving A High Five

‘Dancing With The Stars’ head judge Len Goodman is living up to his not so friendly reputation after the latest episode premiere. Think Simon Cowell from ‘American Idol’, but at least we’ve seen Cowell crack a smile from time to time on the show.

The head judge left viewers confused after snapping at contestant Ally Brooke for giving him a high five during judging.


Former Fifth Harmony singer, Ally Brooke, was excited about the positive critiques after her rumba, but when she ran to the judges’ table to celebrate with Goodman, he barked, pointed, glared sternly and warned “Don’t touch me again”.

‘Dancing With The Stars’ fans took to Twitter to scold lead judge Goodman for his cold moment. After the incident Ally simply responded, “I gave you a high five?”.

The judge’s tone definitely did not sit well with some viewers. Goodman has yet to address his comments to Ally.

See Ally Brooke’s Rumba on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ below.


Photo Credit: Getty Images


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