A New Bar Is Charging For Drinks By The Hour!

Dear Miami, what would make the tourists and even locals love the nightlife even more? How about an open bar… for more than a limited time or even just the ladies!


There is a new bar that opened last weekend in St. Louis, MO called “Open Concept” where consumers are charged by the hour for unlimited cocktails. Instead of charging traditionally by the drink, the concept is similar to an open bar. Regular drinks are priced at $10 and premiums are double at $20.

If this were brought to South Florida, this could be dangerous, or just make going out much more affordable!

The bar addressed safety issues with technology and well-prepared bartenders. Consumers will “sign-in” using cell phones to activate tracking technology which will assure consumption is in compliance the state’s legal limits. Bartenders will also be in charge of monitoring how much each consumer is taking in to make sure the bar doesn’t get out of hand.


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