Miami Ranked Where In The Top 10 Best Driving Cities In America?!

Believe it or not, this is not a spoof article and the study is based off of actual data. The city of Miami was ranked amongst the top five “Best Driving Cities In America”. Okay, you can chuckle a bit.

The rankings were provided by the website QuoteWizard. In a study of “The Best and Worst Drivers By City”, the list was based off of “millions of insurance quotes” determined by categories; accidents, speeding tickets, dui’s and citations.

Drumroll please!

Best Driving Cities in America:

1. Detroit

2. Louisville

3. Chicago

4. Miami

5. Grand Rapids

6. Little Rock

7. St. Louis

8. New Orleans

9. Fort Myers

10. Lexington

Although Florida is also so… extraordinary there is even a “Florida Man” section of news to report on the interesting proceedings that occur in the state, two Florida cities ranked in the top ten, and three total were amongst the top thirty-five.

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