Kylie Jenner Drops "Rise and Shine" Merch

Kylie Jenner is most known for her reality stardom and Kardashian bloodline, but lately she has been creating buzz due to her newly discovered musical talents. After posting an Instagram video singing the words “rise and shine”, to her daughter Stormi, the charming video has sparked a meme frenzy on the internet.

Now, the youngest self-made billionaire is showing us why we can’t “Keep Up With The Kardashians”, and is capitalizing off of the viral video by selling “Rise and Shine” merchandize. Hoodies with the phrase, and Jenner’s face inside a sun are on sale on her website.

The motherly melody has since been shared all over social media including remixes and memes shared by Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande. Grande even reached out to the twenty-two-year-old business owner about sampling the short lullaby.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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