Here’s Why Selena Gomez’s New Song Is An Official Goodbye To Justin Bieber

After a year of no solo Selena Gomez, she’s back with a lot to say! Leading up to the release of “Lose You To Love Me”, the singer posted puzzling photos, videos and captions promoting the coming of age single. Following the world premiere, fans speculate, and lyrics allude Selena’s latest is a powerful ballad- and possible break up anthem.

No names were mentioned in the new melody, although coincidently following Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s recent marriage, lyrics align very closely with the ex-celebrity couple’s public relationship.

Selena sings,

“I gave my all and they all know it

You tore me down and now it's showing

In two months you replaced us

Like it was easy

Made me think I deserved it…”

Selena and Justin were on-again, off-again after Selena’s split from the Weeknd. Shortly after the end of 'Jelena', came Justin’s engagement to current wife, Hailey Baldwin.

In another verse the lyrics are as follows,

“Sang off key in my chorus

'Cause it wasn't yours

I saw the signs and I ignored it

Rose colored glasses all distorted…”

Justin and Selena collaborated in multiple songs, although she never made music with singer-songwriter, The Weeknd.

To put the icing on the speculation cake, Justin took to Instagram to admit he mistreated all of the women he dated before marrying Baldwin.

Listen out for the new release by tuning into Y100, or see the video below.

Photo Credit:@selenagomez on Instagram

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