Iconic Celebrity Astrologer Walter Mercado Has Passed Away

Internationally syndicated astrologer Walter Mercado captivated Latino families across the world. His whimsical presence demanded attention closing the Spanish program, Primer Impacto, where for fifteen years he would provide theatrical horoscope readings and analyze the twelve zodiac signs with flashy blazers, brooches, vests and sequined capes to match. Mercado was the voice who let viewers in on whether according to their horoscope, it would be a good or bad month.

In addition to drawing attention with his unique sense of style, Mercado would always end each televised segment with the quote “God bless you all, today, tomorrow and always”. Finally, he would sign off adding, “Pero sobre todo, mucho, mucho amor.” Overall leaving viewers with all of his love.

In August, the HistoryMiami Mesum created an exhibition to celebrate 50 years of Mercado’s career. His death was reportedly caused by kidney failure. At 87 years old he passed away in his country of origin, Puerto Rico.

May Walter Mercado rest in peace and his legacy live on, con mucho, mucho amor.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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