Nicki Minaj Facing Backlash For Rosa Parks Reference In Preview Of New Song

Yikes is right! It’s a witty verse gone wrong for miss Minaj, and social media is not happy with the rapper’s controversial historical reference in her new single.

Nicki Minaj returned to social media with snippets of her and her husband in the studio working on a new song deemed “Yikes”.When fans first heard the rapper mention the late Rosa Parks, with the video release on what would have been her 107thbirthday, followers hoped for a Black History Month tribute or recognition of February 4th being the activist’s birthday. Instead, when more of the track was posted, listeners learned Minaj’s reference to Rosa Parks is actually opposing Parks’ peaceful protest method.

The line sparking debate is as follows, “All you b----es Rosa Parks, uh oh, get you’re a—up.”

Listen to the verse of “Yikes” posted by Minaj below. (Explicit audio)


Photo Credit: Getty Images


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