Walmart Hiring 150,000 New Employees, Current Workers To Receive Bonuses

Just announced this week, Walmart is hiring hundreds-of-thousands of employees and plans to provide bonuses to current hourly workers!

If you’re looking for work amid the coronavirus pandemic, Walmart’s Executive Vice President Of Corporate Affairs, Dan Barlet, said the company is looking to hire 150,000 new workers as clerks are essential employees. Current hourly employees in stores, clubs, supply chain centers and offices also qualify for a bonus. This April, full-time employees with receive $300 and for part-time employees, the payout is $150.

The bonuses are meant to provide workers with "some extra cash at a time when many Americans are probably worried about where their next paycheck is coming from," Dan Bartlett, added.

The new roles may initially be temporary, but many may also convert to permanent roles over time, the company said.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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