Employers Consider Phone App To Check Wellness, Open Doors In The Workplace

Initially consumers were shocked as cellphones could be unlocked with facial recognition technology! Now, experts say apps on our cellphones could be the key to returning to the workplace after the coronavirus pandemic.

According to ABC News, using phone applications to unlock public spaces may help decrease the spread of germs in the workplace. The security company where the study is based, uses technology similar to a smart lock, or application designed to unlock storage pods and more public spaces. The COVID-19 adaptation would include features to allow apps to check for wellness.

The security company, Kastle Systems, talked to ABC News about a security app that can signal an office’s building door for entry, while also locking the same door for entry if you are sick.

Furthermore, the idea also suggests the app could replace more hidden germs such as elevator buttons. The new app would essentially turn your phone into a remote control, and antibody testing information could also be added.

Would you feel safe from contracting or spreading coronavirus if this new app was required at your workplace? Or, does the app raise privacy concerns? Comment below to share your thoughts!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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