Tiger King’s Carole Baskin Selling Big Cat Coronavirus Masks

The namesake to blame and remember for years to come, ‘Tiger Queen’ Carole Baskin is selling coronavirus masks. Wondering about the designs? Yes, there will be cat prints.

As stay-at-home orders were placed across the nation, the Netflix series “Tiger King” became a must see, and the show’s dynamically entertaining characters made the series go viral. Although the star of the documentary was Tiger King himself, Joe Exotic, his hatred for opposing big cat keeper, Carole Baskin, played just as big of a role.

If you’ve never seen the show or memes, Carole Baskin is known for her love of big cats. She even dresses up in cat-like outfits on a daily and posts videos to promote her Big Cat Rescue attraction starting with, “Hey all you cool cats and kittens...”

With her new fame and catchphrase, Baskin is now selling Coronavirus face masks that read “Hey all you cool cats and kittens” in black and leopard print. She may be the villain on the series but proceeds from the masks will help rescue big cats and provide masks for first responders. Check out the mask in BLACK and LEOPARD.

You can even complete the look from head to toe!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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