Heading Out? The CDC Suggests Not Leaving Home Without These Three Items

With the state of Florida slowly reopening, and South Florida currently in re-opening phase two allowing more businesses excluding bars to operate, experts suggest there are three essential items consumers must carry to combat the risk of catching coronavirus while heading out to public places.

If you’re ready to test the waters by visiting a restaurant, movie theatre or shopping mall, the CDC warns to stay safe, you should always have sanitizer, a face mask and tissues handy.

Masks and sanitizer have been on the list of recommendations by the CDC amid early days of the Coronavirus pandemic, but recently added, tissues can also assist with staying safe while opening doors, handles, buttons and more commonly touched surfaces while in public. Tissues are also best for covering coughs and sneezes as well.

Now that hand sanitizer is more commonly available, it is also recommended the sanitizer contains at least sixty percent alcohol to be most effective.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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