Post Malone's New Wine 'Maison No. 9' Sells Out In Just 2 Days!

Remember when Post Malone first announced he was upgrading from casual brew to upscale grapes with a new wine in the works? Well, his new French rosé, Maison No. 9 has become so popular it completely sold out during pre-sale!

Post Malone's new wine was such a hit, 50,000 bottles were sold in the two days completely wiping out the first round of stock. The website to order the new wine even crashed as it was flood with orders!

If you’re wondering about the name, Maison No. 9 comes from Post Malone’s favorite tarot card. If you're ready for a taste of the new wine, he announced Maison No. 9 would be restocked Monday and for just around $22 a bottle, the professionals at rated it a 90!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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