Every Halloween, 'JoJo On The Radio' goes to a specific historic place, known for it's eerie and haunted past. Recently, we went to what we call "The Haunted House On The Hill" which is located in the Valley. This could very well be a location for our haunted radio broadcast! This house is known for actual paranormal sightings and the history behind it is quite unusual. 

Producer Dana joined me checking out this house (props to her because she hates everything scary) and heres a little what she has to say about this place: 

This house was freaky the moment you walked into it, between hearing the sensors go off at all random times to other random noises and shadows (WHICH I SAW!) it was terrifying. I may have cried... well, I did. I DO NOT LIKE SCARY THINGS. 

At one point I was talking to Rob in the living room and we saw a shadow pass by us. I swear, I would not lie about this stuff. At one point, JoJo was discovering the creepy basement and while I stayed back with one of the other guys, we were trying to get a ghost to answer us and we started hearing metal crashing into something. Shortly after, the "Ovilus"said "RUN" and I was up those stars faster than you can blink. You can see my sprint at 7:57. It was scary... but certainly an experience. 

Here's a peek inside the "Haunted House On The Hill" during daylight hours, imagine how it looks at night!

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