Cheeto that resembles gorilla Harambe, sold for $99,900 on eBay!

I mea this has to be a joke! Right!? 

We know the owner, Chris really does have the Cheeto, but the actual bid??? Come on! 

Who would do that?? And why do you have money to waste like that? 

Right now the bid has ended & ebay is investigating to see if the bid is actually real.

But if it's not, eBay will go down the line to the next highest bidders until someone is willing to pay up. Last time we checked there was 132 bids. 

We wonder what the bidder will do with it in a glass frame & hang it in his office? 

Just makes NO sense! NO sense at all! 


So this made us curious, we did a little searching and realized there's a bunch of shaped Cheetos online & going for lots and lots of money! $$$$$$ 

It is ridiculous! BUT just in case you LOVE Cheetos this much, here is the link. 

Click here, to waste money...LOL 



Mack & Letty B


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