Woman gets her hand stuck in a toilet!

Now this is what you call one crappy day! 

This woman from Texas recently moved into a new place and didn't have a plunger yet, so she did what anyone would have done......she tried to unclog it by just reaching her HAND all the up in there.  

Of course, her hand got STUCK and the fire department had to be called! 

It was so bad....they had to unhook the toilet from the wall, take it outside with her hand still attached and break chunks off by tapping it with a sledgehammer until she could get her hand free.

Great story for later I guess, but seriously how many times do you watch your hand after that?

We would NEVER eat anything from that hand again!  


I mean she just dove right in there.....


Maybe next time, invest in a $5 plunger.....then again maybe not! LOL

Mack & Letty B


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