Meet the parents who toilet train their babies from BIRTH by holding them over sinks, toilets & the side of the road!

We just want to begin by saying....WE HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THIS! 

Elimination Communication (EC) is a practice done by parents to read babies' signals rather than to rely on diapers. 

Say what????? 

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Below is New Jersey woman, Cristina Ramos. Her and her husband raised two teenagers without using 'natural parenting' BUT are trying EC with their newborn. 

Best of luck guys!  

‘I would never potty my baby anywhere I wouldn’t let my dog go to the bathroom,’ she says. ‘And I would clean it up just the same as I would with a dog.’ 


And apparently it's a thing.....

Check out this dad, potty training his 7 MONTH OLD! 


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Mack & Letty B


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