New Reality Show Puts Contestants In A Cave Without Any Light For 6 Days!

Well, looks like there's a new reality show called 'Darkness' that we have to watch! 

It premiered yesterday on the Discovery Channel, did anyone catch it? 

Each episode follows 3 contestants who try to find each other in the dark caves of Missouri. 

They're only given a backpack, rope, helmet, and a bit of water and food to survive and will have to make it through dangerous falls, sharp rocks, hallucinations and hypothermia that come with the darkness. 

Oh and get this.....there is no prize for those who make it out of the Darkness in 6 days, just bragging rights. 

Are you kidding me!?!? Why would anyone do this???? 


And we know you are probably wondering....wouldn't the camera crew give the contestants plenty of light!? 

Well, here's the answer to that question below.  

Mack & Letty B


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